“Man and his environment are one.”
                            (old Chinese proverb)

The aim of Feng shui is to create a harmonious flow of energies that will have a positive influence on the whole of one’s life. Feng shui principles can be incorporated into a garden of any style and size to get a harmonious energy flow which will have beneficial and fortifying effect on the people living in it.

According to Feng shui a garden is divided into nine parts, each one relating to a certain aspect of your life (family, career, children, wealth and others). The energy flow in each of those parts can be enhanced or inhibited by certain shapes, colours, plants and accessories.

There are many things to consider: shape of your garden and its elements, view from your window, plants and garden accessories. For example, using curves for pathways and plant beds will protect you from negative energy, created by sharp corners. Or if you have a sloping garden, you might loose too much energy, that runs down the slope.

Based on the ancient knowledge we can work with advantages and play down the disadvantages of the garden. We can create a new garden design from scratch, incorporating Feng shui principals into it, or transform your existing garden, moving or adding certain plants and accessories. Sometimes even one single addition, well chosen, may radically alter the energy flow in your garden.

You can feel the balanced Feng shui garden. Anyone coming into your garden or looking at it will sense its inner harmony and be uplifted by it. And, as a Feng shui garden appeals to all five senses, you’ll be able to appreciate it to its full potential.